Friday, December 28, 2012

Review of Fades the Light

A great author and writer reviews ny latest book, Many thanks to her!
Carolyn Evans-Dean is a micro-business consultant and freelance agricultural writer from New York State. Her work has appeared in Mother Earth News, Grit Magazine, Living the Country Life & Backyard Poultry Magazine. The Bystander series is her first foray into light apocalyptic novel.

Carolyn Evans-Dean, Author of Bystander: A Tale of the End of the World As SHE Knew It!
Review: Fades the Light
By Ron Foster
It has been ten years since a solar tsunami has swept away modern society, leaving behind few people and even fewer resources. The story focuses on David, the leader of a small band of survivors that have settled in a lakeside community. The residents have come from varied backgrounds and each contributes some special skill that enables the community to eke out an existence in this changed world.
As this story is the final installment in the Prepper Trilogy, it is advisable that the reader follow the story from the beginning to learn about the characters and the events that shaped them.
While the community is comprised of survivors, they are not living an ideal lifestyle and fear that the younger generation in their midst will flee, seeking adventure and excitement in the FEMA camps and more urban environments. Though the story is set against a post-apocalyptic backdrop, the notion of a youth and knowledge drain is quite relevant to the modern society as we know it.
Author Ron Foster presents a light, compelling tale that is steeped in homemade hooch, colorful characters and the Cajun dialect figuring prominently. It is also peppered with helpful preparedness information relating to generating solar power and the acquisition and use of animal attractants for hunting.
This story provides a loose framework for the re-creation of a society that must rise from the ashes. While it is nice to finally have a conclusion to the Prepper Trilogy, I have a feeling that this isn’t an ending… but a new beginning.

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