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A Prepper Is Cast Adrift Series: Southern Prepper Fiction

Editorial Literary Review

Editorial Literary Review
I reviewed “Power Grid Down: How to Prepare, Survive & Thrive After the Lights Go Out “ By Tara Dowdrill on Amazon briefly back in August. I gave it  5 stars and entitled it.A survival guide made from love”. I am expounding on why I entitled  my book review the way I did and further evaluating/opining the published manuscript for Survivor Jane`sPreparedness Book Blog Tour . I am also one of the authors presenting my book for review in this event. 

Being a prepper fiction author myself allows me to have somewhat of a unique focus on the driving forces of Tara and her book and its effects on the prepper community. Any prepper or non prepper reading Mrs. Dowdrill`s book will hopefully also come away with the same insights and definition of what, in my opinion makes this books message so important, as well as illuminate the authors probable intent in writing such a treatise in this manner. Its simple, it so simple its brilliant and Tara has the writing skill to pull it off perfectly; What is it we all do to prepare for a disaster? We sit down and think about a disaster and what do we need to get through it. This mental process the prepper community goes through on a daily basis checking their notes and referring to the internet for further enlightenment and then make a plan of sorts.

  Well Tara like everyone else has been down this road a few times herself and most of us have learned more than a thing or two from her professional writings. Tara Dowdrill is a preparedness journalist who writes for Off The Grid News, Survival Life, The Inquisitr, Survival Based, eFoodsDirect, is a prepper radio show host, and creative coordinator at Prepper and Shooter Magazine . 

A very impressive set of credentials to draw off of for this books contents but that is not why this book is special or what sets it off from the crowd. What makes this book so special is she explains the threat and then sets out in a way that you can follow in your head of how she will teach you to deal with these things from her family perspective. She interacts and engages with the readers that makes learning survival more enjoyable and memorable. Caring for you as you care for family is what this book expresses. The book contains lots of valuable tips and tricks on preparedness.

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“I received this book to review and I must say it was a pleasure to see that the gifted writer and prepper community advocate Tara has created a whole new refreshing take on informing people about disaster preparedness. This is not your typical dry how to book, no she brings personal insights about her own family as well as new emergency preparedness tips and tricks not found anywhere else. You can see through out the book that her wisdom is directed towards how she and her family will survive in a grid down situation and careful care was taken to try and anticipate just about any need. I really enjoyed this book and particularly liked the herbal remedies section.”