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Noted Prepper Blogger Survivor Jane reviews ARkStorm by Ron Foster

Book Review of ARkStorm by Ron Foster Print
I first read about this super-storm; the ARk Storm, while researching for an article I was writing on the San Andreas Fault and earthquakes. I was so intrigued by what I read that I actually stopped my initial research and began digging more into the ARk Storm. For those who aren’t familiar with an ARk Storm scenario; and many aren’t, it is a huge storm that would sits stationary out in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. The storm ‘could’ last up to 40 or more days, bringing with it rain totals in feet – not inches - possibly 10 feet or even more (it stands for Atmospheric River 1000 Storm - but due to the 40 days of raining thing it ties in well with the biblical ark). 
As a result of all the rain, huge portions of California would be flooded and result in landslides, floating debris, erosion and, infrastructure damage (See my article The ‘Bigger One’ – ARk Storm bigger than the 'Big One' in California). The last of this storm type was recorded in 1861–62 which flooded the central valley of California - so yes we are due.
Now it’s a given, some - as with other “doomsday-events” - may scoff at the notion of this “perfect west coast storm’’.  But remember this has happened before. The only difference is, unlike other events, there will be prior notice, as it would take days and even weeks to become a reality giving residents plenty of warning to respond.
arkstormWhen you understand how an ARk Storm is created it only seems natural that author Ron Forster would write about it.  You see, an ARk Storm is created by charged particles in the atmosphere from the sun, like solar flares, CME’s, coronal holes, gamma ray burst and galactic cosmic rays.  See the book pattern here?  Hint: sun.
In the book, ‘The ARkStorm’ California is hit by this perfect storm once again, bringing with it the aforementioned flooding of biblical proportions. Millions are forced to evacuate (can you even imagine that???)
To bring the disaster scenario even closer to reality for the preparedness-minded, the author creates a setting in the storyline at a prepper’ event called “PrepperStock” when this storm hits. Talk about a wake-up call!
And, as if this storm in and of its self is not bad enough, the story weaves through the downward spiral of our nation’s economy with the threat of terrorism nipping on the heels of American as evacuees and the like struggle for survival at any cost and their attempt at avoiding the ‘refugee’ camps.
The author does not disappoint. As with all of his books, he uses these creative storylines as a tool to educate and show us all; preparedness-mind and otherwise, how to survive any world as we know it sharing tips and suggestions and yes even prepper-products along the way to get us to think.
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Book Review of ARkStorm by Ron Foster Print