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Carolyn Evans-Dean review ARkstorm: The ones that made it.

4.0 out of 5 stars Raise the Alarm!, June 11, 2013
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This review is from: ARkstorm: The ones that made it. (Paperback)
Just when I thought I was prepped and ready for most of the basic disasters, Ron Foster came along with another one to keep me awake at night, an ARkStorm!

In this story, Foster introduces us to some new prepper characters. Mark is a teen whose attempts at preparedness are often pooh-poohed by his parents and sibling. Despite their disinterest, he does find a kindred spirit living next door. Jack, the neighbor, provides some guidance and even offers up a few pieces of survival gear that are difficult to afford on a 15 year old teen's allowance.

As a storm of near biblical proportions unfolds, the author throws a few complications into an already difficult situation for his characters to navigate.

While I don't live in an area that is prone to such a storm, I am appalled at the lack of preparedness that exists among the emergency management officials in the book and in real life. There is no feasible plan to address an ARkStorm and most people don't even know what one is. It has been two hundred years since the last ARkStorm and scientists say that another one is due in the near future. While predicting the weather isn't an exact science, it would be prudent for an emergency and evacuation plan to be compiled for the state of California.

I've read the reviews by Foster's critics and still have to give ARkStorm four stars for content. Only Ron Foster endeavored to ferret out and disseminate fact-based information about a very real threat to a large portion of our population. Don't shoot the messenger...just ask your elected officials what the plan is. The life you save may be your own!

Ron Foster on The Media Prepper Show 06/12 by Preparedness Radio Network | Blog Talk Radio

The Media Prepper Show 06/12 by Preparedness Radio Network | Blog Talk Radio

The Media Prepper Show, Hosted by Carolyn Evans-Dean

Guest: Ron Foster
There are lots of ways to explore emergency situations and learn to be more prepared. In a world filled with apocalyptic scenarios, hardcore preppers , zombies and tales of survival of the fittest, MEDIA PREPPER helps listeners to navigate the movies…books… magazines… online videos … social media and video games available on the marketplace!
Emergency Manager and Author, Ron Foster visits with Media Prepper host Carolyn Evans-Dean to discuss the characters of his Preppers Road Trilogy, the steps required to repair an emerging society and some of the cultural challenges involved. He also talks about the plausibility of solar storms and shares one of the most useful items that should be in every emergency kit or bug out bag.
In the Media Moments following her interview with Ron, Carolyn asks, “Are you on Pinterest?”  Host Carolyn Evans-Dean explains why you should be!

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