Saturday, August 13, 2011

Disaster Fiction Book Review

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Review Of Post Apocalyptic Fiction For The Survivalist In All Of Us.


  A good apocalyptic book covers a catastrophe, the breakdown of order, and the survivors -- or any combination thereof. Prepper dystopian stories go a bit further,the characters have survival skills, they have tried to prepare for a uncertain society or disaster and usally contain bits of wisdom to pass on to other preppers. End of the World Fiction , TEOTWAWKI, SHTF, WROL societal collapse you name it, the type of story that gets your juices going to brainstorm scenarios in the survival forums and make you personaly check your preparations and pantry for readiness.

  A lot of readers follow this type of fiction purely for pleasure, others are looking for hidden tips or knoweldge that might not appear in the survival books or they have not envisioned the skills being applied in a disaster scenario yet. No matter which type of reader you are, I think you will enjoy these selections.

  Over the years, I've noticed a huge gap in the way that collapse stories are being written. The books that seem so popular today, in my opinion seem to focus on needing an expensive armory to fight off the zombie hordes or mutant bikers anticipated in a breakdown of the rule of law. Other books start a story out after technology has failed and leave the reader to decide how  the survivors made it through such a situation and just plunge them into living in the aftermath of such an event.

 The individuals or groups that may have been prepared, that is, prior to a collapse are rarely covered or written about in an evolving fashion as is done the selections below. The survivalist movement, as we understand it today is more about preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, thus the term Prepper was born. It just means "one who prepares". As a dedicated "Prepper" this author in my opinion gets "it". Be prepared to lose everything, including your preps and find the means to survive. I present for you some wonderful tales of preparedness and survival that were written in a three part series called THE PREPPER TRILOGY. I hope you enoy them as much as I and many others have.  Sold online by his publishers, and fine stores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble in print and electronic formats.


   A solar storm has just hit the world causing a EMP event. A emergency manager visiting Atlanta GA must find his way back home after this electromagnetic pulse has stranded him away from his vehicle and his beloved "bug out bag". With 180 miles to go to his destination, David must let his street smarts and survival skills kick in as food and water becomes scarce and societal breakdown proceeds at an unrelenting pace. An interesting and often funny cast of characters from the Deep South helps the displaced Prepper on his way, as he shares his knowledge of how to make do with common items in order to live another day. Ultimately, he acquires an old tractor and heads for home on a car-littered interstate. This is book one of the Prepper Trilogy.
BUG OUT! Preppers on the move!

   Book two of the Prepper trilogy finds the disaster planner and emergency manager Dave faced with the choice of bugging out with his cohort of freinds and family as he watches the societal collapse and demise of civilization around him after a electromagnetic pulse (EMP) solar storm has taken out the grid. A post apocalyptic fiction series that takes you through the trials and tribulations of survival after the predicted Nasa 2012 solar super storm unravels the lives and lifestyles of a group of modern day survivalists. The preppers descide on a lake front bug out with bags in hand as well as a unique group of operating vehicles from a bobcat loader to a lawn tractor.Will they survive? Could you? Let us find out, and join the party down the desolate dystopian landscape of a new begining in a world without lights or technology.


  Book three of the Prepper Trilogy finds our band of refugees from a solar storm safely moved into a several lake cabins and trying to work on their short term and long term survival. The lake is a beautiful place for a survival retreat, but is it safe with roving groups of lake residents all looking for what meager food resources remain after a EMP event has shut down society as we know it. Can society be recreated and restarted here, or will starvation and anarchy take over? Can a simple light in the lake be the solution to survival and the reconstruction of society, or is it merely a symbol of what has been and might be yet again?

This next story is not part of the Prepper Trilogy but may be the basis for another disaster based series. The author just wanted to show how first responders to a natural or manmade disaster deal with thier clients as well as the predicaments they get into. Its a fast thought provoking read into the mindset of those who serve in enviroments most of us try to avoid.


    Most people run from disasters, for people like Jake its your job to get to one as fast as you can.This time he is not so sure he wants to go. A major global pandemic is going on and a major hurricane has just hit the Gulf Coast. To make matters worse the government is forcing the evacuees back to the storm stricken cities or placing them in isolation and quarantine. His chances of helping others or becoming a casulty himself have just taken a turn for the worse as the U.S. declares martial law for a storm ravaged coast.Follow this short tale of bad goverment policy and impending apocalypse...