Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book Trailer ARkStorm

GoatHollow made me a nice book trailer for my new book ARkSorm.

The ARkStorm (for Atmospheric River 1000 Storm) has brought a devastating flood of biblical proportions to California forcing millions of people to evacuate. For the preppers attending PrepperStock this year the troubles brought about by the this disaster have just begun as the economy begins a slow collapse and acts of terrorism threaten America`s survival. Refugee camps are filling up with millions of evacuees who remained at shelters and were not lucky enough to bunk in with friends or relatives and try and start over again. The end of a functioning U.S. economy is compounded by mysterious grid failures nationwide.

The ARkStorm series is patterned after the 1861–62 historical events that flooded the central valley of California. The scientifically realistic "superstorm" scenario developed and published by the United States Geological Survey has been adapted as a story line that includes the author's modern day applications of emergency management principles with a prepper community slant. Keep your feet and your powder dry folks!!

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